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Production and distribution business chemistry

Since 1990, POL-HUN has been pursuing its mission of achieving global manufacture of cleaning products - starting from the laboratory, going through the creation of packaging and ending with the distribution of our products to hundreds of stores in Poland and across the world.

POL-HUN is the leading manufacturer of cleaning products in Poland, and it owes its dominant market position to the high standards set by the products and the employees at every stage of creating a new product. 

The best known and most popular of our products are toilet blocks manufactured under the General Fresh brand as well as under private labels. POL-HUN was the first Polish company to launch such a cleaning product.

Furthermore, POL-HUN’s portfolio of products includes various kinds of air fresheners and deodorising  products, detergents, special-purpose cleaning agents, sponges and cloths, articles for the kitchen and barbecue, drain cleaners, soaps, and our increasingly popular wet wipes for cleaning furniture and ceramics . 

Our machinery and the entire company are located in the Łódź voivodeship, in Koluszki.

POL-HUN is respected as one of the largest employers in the town. Thanks to its HR policy, good work atmosphere, numerous benefits packages and company events, POL-HUN is a recipient of numerous awards for best employers.

Among other things, POL-HUN organizes a family picnic on the Children’s Day. The company also takes part in charitable and social campaigns, especially sports-related ones. 

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