POL-HUN is a Polish company and a leading manufacturer of household cleaning products and cleaning agents, which entered the market in 1990 and for 28 years has held the dominant position in the market.

The cleaning products manufactured at POL-HUN are valued for their effectiveness, attractive prices, high efficiency and beautiful fragrances. The unique fragrance mixtures make using the cleaning agents more pleasant.

We are aware that for many people selection of the POL-HUN products stems from the will to support the domestic economy - we have been awarded several Golden Payer certificates. All stages of manufacture take place in Poland - in our home town of Koluszki, in the Łódź voivodeship.

The company would not exist without its fantastic team of over 300 people. For several years, POL-HUN has been one of the largest and best known employers in the town. Thanks to our extensive social policy, the transparent and stable employment conditions and the family atmosphere almost everyone wants to work at POL-HUN. We employ production workers, sales representatives, distributors, specialists in foreign markets, chemists and laboratory technicians - without them the success of POL-HUN would not have been possible. 




  • Quality. Our most important objective is to delivery top quality products. We want every person using our products at home to be satisfied with the results. All products are made - according to our motto - out of love for freshness. We hope that our customers will also fall in love with it and will feel good living in a house that is shiny and has a nice smell, thanks to our products. 

  • Development. Development is very important to us. Thanks to it the company, first of all, has survived in the market despite the growing competition of large corporations, and what is more, is constantly increasing its sales.

    And we want to employ more and more people and expand our warehouse and production areas. This gives us real satisfaction!

  • Modernity. We are constantly improving our products and packaging, polishing labels and trying to be keep pace with the latest trends. Since 2015 we have been present in the social media, thanks to which we have  regular contact with our customers.


    The positive feedback, the high ratings in reviews, and the possibility to communicate give us a lot of motivation! We have also opened an online store, and we publish advice on using our products and keeping the house clean on our website. 

What characterizes our employees?
  • Friendship
  • Professionalism
  • Accuracy
  • Motivation
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