The products are made under the private labels of our partners, and under our brand - General Fresh.

The individual and unique graphic designs and modern and tailor-made packaging differentiate the products made under your private labels.

Products marked with one private label usually have a consistent graphic design that is developed according to the client's directions. 


general fresh

General Fresh is a well-known brand of cleaning products manufactured at the POL-HUN factory in Koluszki.

The General Fresh logo is placed on the key and most popular product - toilet blocks, and on a range of other cleaning products.

The General Fresh brand is present not only on store shelves, but also in the social media. 



The content of the packaging reflects the customer’s needs and is compliant with our strict quality standards.

The product is manufactured at the factory in Koluszki.

Our many years of experience enable us to offer manufacture of almost all kinds of cleaning products. 


Products made by us are packed into packaging selected by the customer, with an individual graphic design.

We have numerous machines at our disposal that support the entire process of manufacturing the packaging and packing the products.

Labels are placed on packed products.


We also provide transport services. Private label products can be shipped to specific stores.

Our truck fleet enables us to reach almost everywhere.



Our range of  products consists of cleaning products and air fresheners. POL-HUN deals with the manufacture of products that are used in almost every house - dishwashing liquids, floor cleaning liquids, kitchen and bathroom cleaning sprays, toilet disinfectant liquids, toilet blocks, sponges, cleaning cloths. We also offer popular cleaning wet wipes. All products are safe and subject to strict quality controls. A characteristic feature of our air fresheners and smell treatment products is the beautiful and fresh fragrance.


We are constantly expanding our offer, creating new fragrance compositions and improving the current ones.