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Central warehouse

Finished products go to the central warehouse. Then, they are loaded onto trucks and sent to the stores. Thanks to the large number of warehouse employees, the work is quick and smooth, and stores get freshly manufactured and packed cleaning products. 

Manufacture of blocks, fresheners

The biggest room in the building is occupied by the toilet block and air freshener production hall. Here work is in full swing almost all the time :) 


The loading and unloading of trucks, which deliver POL-HUN products to your stores,

take place here.


Chemists work in the laboratory. This is where the formulas are developed and improved. In the opinion of many people, the magic takes place there!

Central hopper

The central hopper is located here.

Manufacture of plastic products + warehouse

Plastic packaging extrusion machines are located in the large production hall. Thanks to the big surface, the hall serves also as a warehouse.

Manufacture of “NUREK”

“Nurek” is a strong drain cleaner and it has a dedicated area at POL-HUN. 

Manufacture of liquids

The bathroom and kitchen sprays, the wood and floor panelling conditioning liquid - all liquid cleaning products are made in this hall.

Manufacture of blocks

Here is where we focus on toilet blocks.

Tri-force, Duo-Force are made here.

Raw material warehouse

Located between the dock and the central hopper, the raw material warehouse is a place

where we store the secret ingredients necessary for the production of detergent bulk quantities and other agents. 


The office is our command centre.


This is the place where the people responsible for the administration connected with the manufacture of cleaning products work, and where you will complete all formalities. It is also the place where our partners arrive - the remaining rooms of the building are the production and warehouse facilities.

Car park

The employees and clients coming to POL-HUN do not have to worry about finding parking spaces for their cars - we have a car park big enough for approx. 150 cars.


You can park your car here without any problems. 

We care about the products at every stage

The 13,000 sq. m hall houses a modern machinery stock.


It is here that the product core and packaging is made. Thanks to the location of the entire factory in one place, we can take care of our products at every stage.


We also have our own vehicle fleet.

Quality policy

Our clients and partners are guaranteed a high quality of workmanship and professionalism. We have been awarded the TUV NORD PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System.

 We are identifiable by the many years of experience of household cleaning products sector, well-selected team of employees and modern machinery stock, which at the same time are the pillars of the quality policy.


Our company is a laureate of many awards, which include among others:


the Business Reliability Certificate 2009,


the Golden Payer, ISO,


the Business Gazelle.